Building 540

540 has 80 students rooms student rooms with different sizes, ranging from 13 to 32 m2!  All rooms have big windows with a lot of daylight, making it a perfect place to live and study.

Done with studying? Relax in one of the common area’s, like the theatre or the terrace!

Check out building 540 at the College Campus Meppel.

540 is the main building of College Campus Meppel. On the ground floor you will find our reception, mailboxes, laundry room, the classrooms that NHL Stenden uses, the theater with cinema and our College Cafe. You will find our central hall in 540 with enough space to hang out, chill or study with your friends. Or play a game of pool, table tennis or a game at the table foosball table. With a three stories high glass wall, our central hall is very open and light. This makes it a nice place to stay, live and study!


There are three different student room types in 540: A, B and C.

540 Type A

540 Type A

Type A rooms have everything you need for a perfect student room! There is space for a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, couch and to make it your own cozy room with some plants or decoration.

Size: 13 – 18 m2

Price: € 425 – € 473 incl. service fee

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540 Type B

540 Type B

Type B Rooms are spacious student rooms with more than enough space to live, study and sleep!

Size: 19 – 24 m2

Price: €481 –  € 507  incl. service fee


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540 Type C

540 Type C

Type C are very spacious rooms with more than enough space to invite your friends for a common diner or game or movie night.

Size: 25 – 32 m2

Price: € 512  – € 547   incl. service fee


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