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General questions

  • Where do I sign up for a room?

    Go to our sign up form to sign up for a room in College Campus Meppel.


  • What is the minimum rental period?

    We work with a Campus contract tenancy agreement for the duration of your studies. Therefore your contract runs for a maximum of 5 years. If you stop studying mid-term, you can terminate your contract. Beside this the tenant and the landlord may only terminate this tenancy agreement prematurely by giving notice by the end of each academic year (31 july) with due observance of a notice period of 3 months.  See the conditions in the contract under Article 3 & 14.

  • What are the admission requirements?

    To be eligible for the College Campus it is important that you can show us the following:

    • Show that you are 18 years or older
    • Enrollment at a school
    • An overview of your student finance/ scholarship
    • A recent salary slip (if you work)
    • Guarantee from your parents/guardians for the payment of the rent.
  • Is there any kind of security on the Campus?

    Yes, during the weekend we do have security visiting the College Campus twice each night.

  • Is there WIFI available?

    Good WIFI is available throughout the building. Password available at the reception / campus entrance.

  • Is there a curfew?

    Night’s rest is important for everyone, but nobody is the same. However, you must take your fellow residents into account and general rules apply.

    • On weekdays / evenings (Sun to Thu) the night’s rest starts at 23:00 and it is no longer allowed to listen to music or cause any other nuisance.
    • In the weekend (Friday – Saturday) the night’s rest starts at 00:00 and it is no longer allowed to listen to music or cause any other nuisance.
    • During the night’s rest it’s not allowed to use the sitting area, study/dining tables and the big kitchens (540) on each floor.
  • Are pets allowed on the Campus?

    Pets (including fish) are not allowed on the College Campus.

  • Can I invite visitors over?


    Please note that each room is furnished and designed for one person. The facilities, sanitary facilities, kitchens and public areas in and around the building are also calculated on the basis of one person per room. Short visits and / or guests are certainly allowed and permission does not need to be requested in advance.

    If you have several guests staying at the same time, we would like to be informed about this. This is for safety and that we also stay informed of who is present in the building. It is not allowed to have guests in your room if you are not present. You are responsible at all times for the actions of your visitors / guests. Please note the duration of the stay of your guest, up to 3 nights is no problem. However, if guests stay longer, this must be discussed with the caretaker.

    If a guest stays longer, a visitor fee may be charged. This for use of the common areas and facilities. Should one or both parents / guardian stay overnight, please contact the reception for a separate shower.

  • Are there separate mailboxes?

    Yes, you will get a key to your own mailbox. The mailboxes are in front of the reception at building 540.

  • What is the address of the Campus?

    The address of the College Campus Meppel is:

    College Campus Meppel
    Blankenstein 540-542
    7943 PA Meppel
    The Netherlands

  • Can I visit the Campus?

    That’s possible! Contact us to make an appointment. In the meanwhile, check out this walkthrough of the Campus.

  • Is the ground floor in 540 accessable to all students?

    On the ground floor there are NHLStenden classrooms. During school hours, students who do not live on the Campus are therefore present on the ground floor of 540. It is forbidden for these students to enter the first and second floors of 540 and they do not have access to 542, with the exception of the students invited by a resident of College Campus. Students who live in 542 always have access to 540 for all the facilities there.


  • How do students furnish their room?

    Here are impressions of occupied student rooms:

    Jae’s room (Holland House 542 type 3):

    Aiden’s room (540 type B 21 m²):

    Ilse’s room (540 type B 21 m²):

    Jonatan’s room (540 type B 18 m²):

    Pavan’s room (540 type B 21 m²):

    Laura’s room (Holland House 542 type 3):

  • What does a room on the Campus cost?

    The rooms vary in size between 13m² and 32m² and the monthly rent is between € 380,- and € 575,- depending on the size of the room.

    * Incl. service fee

    * Excludes advance energy bill, for the new study year this amount will not be known until mid-2024

  • Which appliences can I have in my room?

    It is allowed to have a table-top fridge & freezer, kettle and / or coffee maker in your room (max 900 wattage). Other electrical appliances, such as a hob, toaster, sandwich maker, air-fryer, etc. (everything with a heating element) may not be used and / or connected in the rooms. These can be used in the communal kitchens. This is due to fire safety regulations.

  • What is the size of the rooms?

    This depends on which building you want to rent a room in. In the building 540 the rooms vary from 13 up to 32 m2. But in the building 542 all the rooms are 18m2 (6×3). On the floor plan 540 & 542 you can see an overview of which room has which size.


  • Do I need to bring my own bed sheets?

    We have a bedding (bed sheets and pillow case) package on request. If you are traveling by plane and you’re not able to bring your own at first: no problem, you can let us know when you apply for a room.

  • Are there curtains in the rooms?

    The rooms are equipped with various forms of blinds. Note that these are not all blackout curtains. If you have any questions about curtains, please contact us.

  • Can I bring my own furniture?

    Each room comes with a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and drawer unit. There are standard lights in the ceiling. Any additional furniture, lamps or accessories  can of course be brought in by you. Most students don’t have enough closet space with the furniture that we provide so they add an extra wardrobe and/or clothing rack.

  • Does the room come with furniture?

    The rooms are furnished with a bed, mattress, wardrobe, chair, desk, drawer unit, pillow, duvet and (bedding package available on request). Of course, you may bring your own stuff to make your room cozy and homey.

  • How does my room look before I put my furniture in?

    Once you signed your contract and picked up your keys, it is time to move to Meppel. In your room you will find a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair and bedside table.


  • How do the kitchens look like?

    After a day of studying you also want to eat well. At the Campus we have different kitchens in which you can cook alone or together with friends and have a nice meal together. At the College Campus we have 8 kitchens in total.


    In 540 each floor has one large kitchen and a smaller one:
    The large kitchen has:
    4 induction hobs
    2 sinks
    2 microwaves
    2 ovens

    The small kitchen features:
    1 induction hob
    1 sink
    1 microwave


    In 542 there is on the ground floor:
    two large kitchens containing:
    2 induction hobs
    2 sinks
    2 microwaves
    1 oven

    One of these kitchens is also very suitable for holding cooking workshops or making a dinner together.

    On the 1st floor of 542 we have:
    One large kitchen with:
    2 induction hobs
    2 sinks
    2 microwaves
    1 oven

    A smaller kitchen with:
    1 induction hobs
    1 sinks
    1 microwaves
    1 oven

    Please take notice; Each kitchen has induction hobs, make sure to use the correct pans.

  • Do I need to bring my own pots and pans?

    Yes, for hygienic reasons you need to bring your own cutlery, crockery, pots, pans and cooking utensils. Please take notice; each kitchen has induction hobs, make sure to use the correct pans.

    Jae’s tip: I recommend you buy some kind of tray, cart, or basket to bring your cooking supplies and food to and from the kitchen, it makes it a lot easier!

  • Is there a general fridge in the kitchen?

    No. Due to hygienic reasons there are no general fridges and freezers in het kitchens. You are allowed to have a table-top fridge or freezer in your own room.

  • Are there dining tables in the kitchens?

    There are dining tables for communal use on each floor.

  • Do I have access to the kitchens at all times?

    The kitchens can be used at all times in both buildings. However, two kitchens in 540 are closed from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. due to nuisance to the nearest neighbour.



  • Do I need to clean my own room?

    Yes, we don’t clean inside your room. You also need to bring your own cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner.

  • Do I need to clean communal spaces?

    Yes, you do.

    The service costs include a small portion for cleaning, but this is only for the basics. We do clean general spaces and bathrooms, but you are also responsible for the cleaning of communal areas.


  • Which facilities are there on the campus?

    We have several facilities on the Campus that every resident has access to.

    Theater: Watch a movie with your friends!!  In one of the classrooms, we have a cinema screen (3 x 2) on the wall where you can hang out and watch a movie with your friends. It’s a simple system where you can stream anything you want to see!

    College Café: Unfortunately, we do not currently have a catering service in our College Café. We hope to restart this in the future. In the meantime, you can use this space to hang out, chill, do homework, or work on a project with your fellow students.

    Garden: We have a beautiful sunny garden around the Campus. Here you can sit and chill with your friends at various picnic tables.

    Table tennis, foosball table & pool table: In the central hall of building 540 we have a table tennis table, foosball table & pool table that can be used free of charge. In the garden there is another table tennis table.

    Common areas: Throughout the building we have several common areas with comfortable sofas, cozy sitting areas and study areas. We also have board games and books available. In or next to each kitchen are dining tables so you can cook and eat together.

  • Are there any sport facilities available at the Campus?

    No, we don’t have any sports facilities on campus at the moment. There are, however, various sports groups such as Zumba, Yoga and various workout sessions that are organized by students. Meppel offers a lot of options for sports clubs or gyms, of which you can of course become a member.


Bicycle shed



Garbage & recycling

  • Where do I leave my garbage?

    Outside there are 4 containers near the bike shed;

    • Residual (Grey)
    • Plastic & Metal & Drink Cartons (Orange)
    • Glass (Yellow)
    • Paper (Blue)

  • Can I recycle at the Campus?

    Yes you can, we have 4 containers outside on our side.

    Residual (grey)

    Plastic, Metal & Drink Cartons (orange)

    Glass (Yellow)

    Paper (Blue)


NHL Stenden


  • Do I need insurance?

    Yes, you need liability insurance with sufficient coverage while you live at the College Campus. After moving in we need a copy of this policy as soon as possible, as stated in the tenancy agreement.

    The Dutch healthcare system is a universal, multi-payer system. This means healthcare is funded through a combination of public and private contributions. The system includes a Standard Health Insurance Package (known as the basisverzekering) for all residents which is mandatory if you are aged 18 and over. All Dutch residents, including international students, are free to choose their own private health insurance provider.

    More information healthcare insurance

    There is no state funded (public) health insurance as such, so it’s a good idea to compare what the different insurance carriers have to offer, but the package generally covers the following services:

    • GP visits
    • Specialist treatment and hospital care
    • Some mental health services
    • Medication
    • Dental care up to age 18
    • Some forms of therapy, including speech therapy
    • Dieticians
    • Maternity care

    Health insurance for EU students

    As an international student from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you are not required to pay health insurance premiums in the Netherlands unless you have some form of paid employment. This includes full-time work, part-time work or paid internships. If you are not employed, you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card or an international declaration form instead but, make sure your health insurance covers the costs made in the Netherlands.

    When you’re shopping around for insurance providers, you should contact them directly to find out what services they cover.

    Health insurance for non-EU students

    NHL Stenden purchases health insurance on your behalf for your first year of enrolment through AON, one of the larger health insurance providers in the Netherlands. The costs are €650. After the first year you are responsible to purchase your own health insurance.

  • What about medical help?

    Safety and health first. In case of an emergency call 112 


    In College Campus Meppel there is an AED at the reception and first aid kits on each floor.

    The nearest doctors’ office is Huisartsenpraktijk Oosterboer

    The nearest hospital is Isala Meppel

    The nearest medical centre (for medical help at night and weekends) is Centrale Huisartsendienst Drenthe

  • At which general practitioner office can I register?

    Medisch Centrum Rembrandt van Rijn

    Spectrum Medisch Centrum

    Huisartsen Praktijk Oosterboer