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Your rental contract starts on the day you move in. This can be any day if it is a business day, since we only work business days and hours.
We work with a Campus contract tenancy agreement for the duration of your studies. Therefore your contract runs for a maximum of 5 years. If you stop studying mid-term, you can terminate your contract. Beside this the tenant and the landlord may only terminate this tenancy agreement prematurely by giving notice by the end of each academic year (31 july) with due observance of a notice period of 3 months.  See the conditions in the contract under Article 3 & 14.



The deposit for a room at the College Campus Meppel is twice the monthly rent. Once you have terminated your contract and we have completed the Check-out and your room is left in its original state, we will inform our administration that the deposit can be refunded to you. If there are any damages to the room or unpaid rent, these costs will be taken out of your deposit. The refunding process of the deposit can take up to 8 or 10 weeks.

Monthly rent payment

Monthly rent Payment:

For the payment of the rent we use a direct debit, this will take place monthly around the 27th. Once you have moved to Meppel, you must register to get your social security number (BSN Number). You must apply for a Dutch bank account with this number to use this method. We cannot use a foreign bank account for direct debit. Please note that you should arrange this as soon as possible. Students in the Netherlands can usually get a free bank account.

We know it will take a few weeks to receive your social security number (BSN number). Up until then you need to pay the rent manually. The payment of the rent must be made before the end of the month for the following month. So, for example, the rent for February must be paid at the end of January. We do not send out any invoices for the rent, if needed you can ask for one. In your contract you can find the amount that needs to be paid.

Payment details Landlord:

Watersteeg BV

Postbus 172

8000 AD Zwolle

Bank account:  NL 12 RABO 0304 13 68 40 in the name of:  Watersteeg BV


Please mention with your payment your room number and full name of student.

Service costs

Our rental prices include a service fee:

540 Type: A – B – C   € 117,19

542 Type: 1 – 2   € 117,19

542 Type: 3 – 4 € 128,19 (Extra cost due to AC)


These service fees consist:

  • Waste removal
  • Green space maintenance
  • Paying for a caretaker
  • Cleaning general spaces (please check the house rules about the cleaning task)
  • Facilities (theatre, entertainment spaces, bike shed etc.)
  • Internet
  • Furniture

Advance utilities (heating, water and electricity)

In addition to the rent and service charges, we charge the advance on utilities (heating, water and electricity) each month. We settle this advance every year which will show whether we will subsequently refund the overpayment or whether there will be an additional charge.

For the new study year this amount will not be known until mid-2024


Rules are not always fun, but they are essential. We would like to ensure that we all keep the Campus fun and liveable. You live with a maximum of 80 fellow students in the Campus building. And not everyone has the same rhythm and habits. That’s ok, but we come a long way with respect for each other and other cultures. So take each other into account and talk to each other if you experience differences of opinion and/or inconvenience. Stick to the mutual agreements made and the rules of the College Campus and NHL Stenden has. If you are unable to reach a mutual agreement or if you notice serious inconvenience from fellow students, please notify us asap.

General house rules:

  •  A tenant or visitor to the Campus is responsible for their own safety and visiting the Campus is done entirely at their own risk.
  •  Designated escape routes must remain unobstructed at all times. No tenant or visitor shall block or otherwise obstruct general areas within the Campus or use them as storage areas. It is prohibited to enter the emergency balcony’s or using the emergency exits outside of an emergency situation.
  • There is a smoking ban in and around the Campus and a prohibition on using or possessing or dealing drugs (soft and hard).
  • The use of or possession of the following goods and/or items in or around Campus is prohibited: drugs, weapons, and/or (domestic) animals.
  • When crimes are suspected, they are always reported to the police.
  • Use normal manners and respect everyone present on the Campus. Bullying is not tolerated in any form. Unwanted and desired intimidation, verbal or physical violence, will not be tolerated. Nobody should feel unsafe in their own living environment.
  • As a tenant, one should behave as a good housekeeper. One is required to leave any space used clean and orderly.
  • You are required to participate in the cleaning schedule in addition to the usual cleaning of own used common areas such as kitchens, showers, toilets.
  • Instructions from landlord’s designee (Dorelies, Jorien & Esther) must be followed and carried out immediately


View all house rules

Registration Meppel City

All international students need to register in the municipality of the city they study in within five days of arrival. You have to do this at the city hall. We recommend you arrange this as soon as possible as you will then be given a social security number. You will need this for official paperwork like opening a Dutch bank account. Note: you need to get an additional form from the City Hall to open a bank account. Remember, it can take up to 3 weeks to receive your BSN number.

You can get more information on the BSN on this website.

Please bring copies (you will need to hand them in) and show the originals of the following documents:

  • Passport or ID card
  • Rental contract of your student room/house
  • Original birth certificate with the official translation (if it’s not in Dutch or English)
  • NHL Stenden letter of admission (received by email during the application process)

To register yourself in Meppel, you can go to the town hall in Meppel. Check the opening times and/or make an appointment online on