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How do students furnish their room?

Here are impressions of occupied student rooms:

Jae’s room (Holland House 542 type 3):

Aiden’s room (540 type B 21 m²):

Ilse’s room (540 type B 21 m²):

Jonatan’s room (540 type B 18 m²):

Pavan’s room (540 type B 21 m²):

Laura’s room (Holland House 542 type 3):

What does a room on the Campus cost?

The rooms vary in size between 13m² and 32m² and the monthly rent is between € 380,- and € 575,- depending on the size of the room.

* Incl. service fee

* Excludes advance energy bill, for the new study year this amount will not be known until mid-2024

Which appliences can I have in my room?

It is allowed to have a table-top fridge & freezer, kettle and / or coffee maker in your room (max 900 wattage). Other electrical appliances, such as a hob, toaster, sandwich maker, air-fryer, etc. (everything with a heating element) may not be used and / or connected in the rooms. These can be used in the communal kitchens. This is due to fire safety regulations.

What is the size of the rooms?

This depends on which building you want to rent a room in. In the building 540 the rooms vary from 13 up to 32 m2. But in the building 542 all the rooms are 18m2 (6×3). On the floor plan 540 & 542 you can see an overview of which room has which size.


Do I need to bring my own bed sheets?

We have a bedding (bed sheets and pillow case) package on request. If you are traveling by plane and you’re not able to bring your own at first: no problem, you can let us know when you apply for a room.

Are there curtains in the rooms?

The rooms are equipped with various forms of blinds. Note that these are not all blackout curtains. If you have any questions about curtains, please contact us.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Each room comes with a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and drawer unit. There are standard lights in the ceiling. Any additional furniture, lamps or accessories  can of course be brought in by you. Most students don’t have enough closet space with the furniture that we provide so they add an extra wardrobe and/or clothing rack.

Does the room come with furniture?

The rooms are furnished with a bed, mattress, wardrobe, chair, desk, drawer unit, pillow, duvet and (bedding package available on request). Of course, you may bring your own stuff to make your room cozy and homey.